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Free iPod activity!

Make It Real Learning activity developer and award-winning author, Frank Wilson, will be part of an all-star lineup of authors and educators at the Cengage Learning TeamUP Faculty Programs Mathematics Conference in Chicago on March 4, 2011. Wilson’s general session, entitled Captivating Contexts for College Algebra, will feature intriguing real-world contexts that interest and engage students in learning. By creating mathematical models for real-world situations, students learn more than math: they learn about the world in which they live. Participants will receive an activities packet featuring fascinating contexts ranging from the Nintendo Wii to the Apple iPod. A copy of the presentation and packet may be freely downloaded.

One thought on “TeamUP Presentation

  1. Fern Brown

    Great stuff here! I’m just getting started and I’m glad I found you!
    Quick question-the .pdf for the TeamUP presentation is not downloading correctly. I was wondering if you could e-mail it to me? Thank a bunch!!
    Fern Brown


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