New line of real-world activities: eXpLorations!

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Welcome to eXpLorations! (A super-sized real-world math activity.)

MIRL is helping students answer the “why” of mathematics through a collection of engaging real-world math activities that give you the tools to answer the question, “when am I ever going to use this?”

eXpLorations extend the standard MIRL two-page math activity into a much larger investigation of the mathematics of a real-world context. eXpLorations are ideally suited for group work, individual work, or even group competitions.

This activity includes a student version of the activity as well as a teacher edition, complete with worked-out solutions and Common Core Standards mapping.

eXpLorations are intended to enhance, support, and be used alongside existing curricula. eXpLorations reinforce mathematical concepts learned prior to completing the activity.

We’ve recently posted two eXpLoration activities. Check them out here:

petabyte eXpLoration     Super Bowl activity

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