Sweet Fractions – Free Activity

Back to School

Recently, I was asked to  substitute for an arithmetic class at a community college. As you might expect, many of the students had little experience being successful at mathematics. My goal for the day was to help the students understand basic fraction concepts. I decided to use an activity I had created for a teacher traning workshop I had conducted at Arizona State University. The activity was a hit and the students loved it!

Since it’s back to school for many of us. We thought we’d celebrate by providing the activity as a  free download. Enjoy!

Free PowerPoint show: Sweet Fractions Math Activity

2 thoughts on “Sweet Fractions – Free Activity

  1. Janet

    I just wanted to say that while looking at the power point about fractions using the Starburst candies, my mouth start to water and feel like I could taste the sourness. Thanks for giving me cravings for fruity candy! :) (Good lesson by the way)


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